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Alvah R Dravis Post #1
Sons of AMVETS Squad #1

5717 S Tyler St. Tacoma, WA 98409

Our Mission

Our Officers:

Squad #1's primary mission is to support our three primary programs with an emphasis on local needs:

1. Post

2. Veterans

3. Child Welfare

Meetings are 1st Tuesday of each month, 7PM at  Post #1

Squad News

Our next meeting is on Tues., Feb. 6th @ 7PM in Chappie’s Lounge.


We would like to hear from members as to alternate dates and times that would allow for more participation. The Sons' primary source of income is the Friday bottle raffle. You can help by donating a bottle, just wrap it, label it as "Sons" and leave with the bartender. Dues for both applications and renewals may now be paid by bankcard at the bar—please don't pay by cash.

Commander: David Lamberson

1st Vice Commander: Eric Davis

2nd Vice Commander: Earl Davis

3rd Vice Commander: Steve Wyatt

Adjutant/Finance Officer: Tom Arter

Judge Advocate: Lew Foster

Provost Marshall: Cody Britton

Request for Membership

Sons of AMVETS is comprised of male descendants of American Veterans, male or female. As part of the AMVETS family we are united in service and dedicated to improve quality of life, advocate legislation for increased benefits and care, plus provide and support charitable assistance to veterans, their families and community..

Membership in the Sons of AMVETS shall be limited to all male descendants, grandsons, adopted sons and stepsons, fathers, husbands, widowers and brothers of members of AMVETS and the deceased member of AMVETS, or the personnel who died and would have been eligible for membership in the parent organization.

To apply you will need either the Member Name and Number for your AMVETS Relative or, if deceased, documentation of service  (typically Form DD214, as well as proof of death).  We hope that you have time to fill out the Membership Contact Form  below and become a member of Squad #1 and the AMVETS family.


Squad 1
Contact Form

Thanks for submitting!!

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