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AMVETS Membership

AMVETS membership is open to anyone who is currently serving, or who has honorable served, in the U.S. Armed Forces, to include the National Guard and Reserves. We strive to put our Veterans first. We are there to help you fill out your VA claims, we have job fairs for Veterans, we are your Legislative voice in Washington State to advocate for Veterans, just to name a few things that we do.

Are you eligible to become a member?

Besides being a Veteran who is currently serving or who has honorable served, if you are associated to a Veteran by being a:

  • Mother

  • Wife

  • Widow

  • Grandmother

  • Sister

  • Daughter

  • Graddaughter

  • Female Veteran

If you are associated to a Veteran who is a member of AMVETS or a Veteran who died and would have been eligible for membership and are 18 years and older by being a:

  • Grandson

  • Adopted son

  • Stepson

  • Father

  • Husband

  • Widower

  • Brother

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